Monday, 22 August 2011

What!? Come ON, OPI!

Very sad day yesterday...

...I decided to do a shatter mani with my OPI Turquoise shatter. I had done the mani I decided to layer it over the night before, so obviously my base was already completely dry.

Why then, did this happen:

OPI Turquoise Shatter: Huhhhhh!?

I don't understand why this happened, and was not a happy bunny when I saw the completed effect. I didn't layer it on mega thin or crazy thick, so I can't see why it didn't shatter properly!

I showed my Mum, and she said that it looked messy- I have to agree! It just looks like it's bumpy and blotchy, with tiny bits of other colour underneath... Not a good look, unfortunately.

I must say, I'm gonna be honest here, as much as I love and adore OPI's products in general (I am a huuuge, absolutely massive fan!) unfortunately, I'm not a huge lover of their shatters...

...Yes, the OPI Shatter colours available are great compared to some other brands, but (on me at least) I can never get my OPI shatters to do the job as well as my Barry M shatters for some reason. I own the pink, white and black Barry M Shatters, and I must say, they perform absolutely brilliantly every time I use them.

Another point about the Barry M shatters is that they are only £3.99 each, whereas the OPI shatters are £10.50.

Having said all this, I'm still really curious to try out the upcoming Gold Shatter from OPI, I think that could be brilliant, but let's put it this way, if Barry M came out with a gold shatter first, I think I'd probably rather buy that... And therefore be able to spend more on the OPI Muppets collection, especially the glitters- (SUPER excited!)

Anyway, enough from me- What experience have you guys had of OPI's Shatters- Is it just me? Do you have any tips or tricks I could try?
And if you've tried Barry M's or Nails Inc's collection of shatters- what do you think?

I'd love to know your opinions!

Lemme know below :)


  1. I've not tried the OPI ones, but I've not had any problems with the China Glaze crackles. I must admit the application is better with the Barry M's though...

  2. Really!? Wow.... Barry M seriously need to invent more shatter colours! I think their shatters are really good as well... :) I haven't tried any China Glaze shatters- are they any good!? xx

  3. I find that the CG crackles work best, IMO!

    I actually had this happen with one of my crackles... turns out the polish started to seperate, but because of the colour, I couldn't really tell! It just needed a really good shaking, and it was good as new :) I have the OPI Turquoise Shatter as well, and find the crackle effect is not so great :( Fantastic colour though!

    Good luck :) I'm enjoying the blog!