Thursday, 22 September 2011

OPI Designer... de Better!

This is the third polish in the Muppettes mini pack.

OPI Designer... de Better! is an interesting polish- it's an extremely shimmery chrome-look foil finish with scattered copper shimmer particles.

The shimmer particles aren't really that noticeable if you're looking at the nail polish from afar, but they make the overall hue of the polish more of a very pale champagne/beige shade than a silver.


 OPI Designer... de Better!

Shimmery, no?

It's quite a unique shade, I don't think I've seen any kind of dupe for this one.

This lacquer went on very smoothly again, I'm very impressed with what I've tried so far in the Muppets collection with this in mind.
Again, in keeping with the Muppets formula, this polish needed three coats as it was pretty thin.

I must say, I'm not the world's biggest fan of this colour, but that's just a personal preference...

What do you think about this shade, hit or miss?


  1. hmmm this shade is quite unique!
    It kind of looks like your nails are mirrors!

  2. Exactly! They were mirrors, completely! I think this shade is pretty unique, it has to be said.... It's just... Maybe it'll grown on me who knows, but I just feel a bit...mehhhh... about this colour... Hmm, we'll see! :)
    I think EVERYONE (including me!) is waiting for Rainbow Connection, thought, right!? Soooo exciting, aaah I'm giddy! :)