Thursday, 22 September 2011

OPI DS Bold and OPI DS Temptation

Hi everyone!

New OPI DS shades here for you today!

These two are OPI's diamond dust formulation, and are brand new releases. I picked up my bottles last weekend at the Olympia Beauty event. I hadn't seen them in person before, and DS Temptation especially caught my eye immediately. These two shades are such a riot of glitter and colour!

Have a look:
First up is OPI DS Bold

OPI DS Temptation

Nice, huh?

Firstly, about the application on Bold. I liked this one because the base is pretty saturated with colour, so you can wear this polish on it's own. Some of OPI's polishes, such as Last Friday Night and Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection, had such an undersaturated base colour that it pretty much became necessary to layer them to prevent a washed out (yet amazingly sparkly) looking Mani.

So yeah, no problems with OPI DS Bold. Application was great, perfect and saturated (no bald spots!) in two standard coats.

Some images:

 OPI DS Bold view I

OPI DS Bold view II

As you can see, the glitter in this polish is very saturated. I definitely prefer that over sparse glitter polishes, but OPI has been great at producing saturated glitter polishes recently, probably my favourite would be Crown Me Already! from their Miss Universe collection- it's incredible!

Onto OPI DS Temptation now-

OPI DS Temptation view I

OPI DS Temptation view II

I really like OPI DS Temptation. The base in this one is pretty blue, and it isn't as saturated as Bold so I used three coats of colour for Temptation. The application was excellent.

It's a beautiful polish. It reminded me of the wonderfully deep hued Tanzanites I've seen in jewellery shops in Cape Town, South Africa. Lots of purple, blue and also pinkish glitter in this polish produces more depth in the shade.

Talk about dramatic!

I think both of these polishes are lovely. Not exactly work appropriate, unless you work for someone like Zandra Rhodes, but for everything else, big thumbs up!

With both of these polishes you'll need a nice big thick swoop of a topcoat like Seche (which I personally love) to make the sparkliness as eye catching and blingy as possible!

Great stuff, OPI!

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