Friday, 23 September 2011

China Glaze Street Chic

Good morning from London, everyone! It's a lovely sunny day here today :)

Today I'm going to post on a new China Glaze acquisition- Street Chic, as part of the Uptown Set from their new (and may I say very lovely) Metro Collection.

Street Chic is an extremely creamy mushroomy dark taupe shade. It's also very Autumnal and work appropriate too, as it's very neutral, yet fashion forward too. Look at all this point scoring! :)

Get ready for the swatches!

China Glaze Street Chic

Literally this polish is so wonderfully creamy. It applied beautifully and the colour looks very sophisticated and ladylike, right?

It's not something I'd wear all the time because I tend to gravitate to sparkly shades a lot of the time, but sometimes I do like to go back to basics and just wear a plain creme, and this polish fits the bill!

China Glaze Street Chic view II

What do you guys think about this one?

*China Glaze Street Chic was provided to me for reviewing purposes. I was not paid to review these polishes or to say great things about them. All opinions, good or bad, are my own*

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