Friday, 12 August 2011

OPI Roadhouse Blues

Okay, so while I was in Sephora in Nice yesterday, I was looking at their own polish collection and, slightly bored and not wishing to purchase anything, I was ready to leave.

My Mum went to the checkout to purchase a lipstick, so I followed her over to that area.

....Wait, more nail polish here!
....Wait, OPI!!
....Wait, Touring America by OPI!!!

Oh my goodness!

I was so happy and shocked it was there! I was in Selfridges, London last week trying to find it, and they didn't have it, so this was, in Nice, France, the first time I'd ever seen it in person! I mean, WOW!

OPI Touring America A/W 2011 collection

Woooo, soooo exciting! :)

Well, I only picked up one, I mean in France they're RRP €13.90, so I picked up the one that I'd been lusting after since I first saw Touring America swatches-

Roadhouse Blues!

OPI Roadhouse Blues

...And I have to say, I completely and utterly love it! It's like Indigo colour, a very dark blueberry/blackberry, without the red. It's a lovely elegant, classy, the perfection for A/W Blurple! :)

Interestingly, it's very unique in my stash. There are so many lighter blurples or shimmery navy colours out there, but I don't have anything like this.

I must say, I think this lacquer ACTUALLY looks better in shadier conditions than in direct sunlight! Good for me as I live in the UK and it's always grey! :)

I really think that this is a beautiful polish.

It was perfect in two coats. I found application a bit difficult, but I 100% believe that's because I had a coffee right before painting my nails, so I therefore had the caffeine shakes! :) Not a good decision, eh?!

I think this colour will be soooo perfect for Winter, when my skin is super pale. It'll really stand out on that canvas.

My next lemming from the OPI Touring America collection is I Brake For Manicures.... I really want that one!

Until next time, folks!


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