Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer in a bottle: OPI Be A Dahlia, Won't You


Here's OPI's Be A Dahlia, Won't You:

 OPI Be A Dahlia, Won't You (In full sunlight)

I think this polish is super pretty, and I don't have anything else similar in my stash. This polish is from OPI's Nice Stems collection from this year, and if you want it or any of the other colours, (I Lily Love You, Come To Poppy or Play The Peonies) and you live in the UK, check out OPI's Internet stockist, Lena White.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I spoke to Selfridges, London a few days ago, and they will NOT be getting the Nice Stems OR Miss Universe collections, (sob!) so probably Lena White is your best bet unless you can (like me!) find a bottle in your local salon.

I got my bottle of BADWY for £6.50, and I don't think it had even been used once, so compared to buying online, which will cost you £10.50 plus delivery, this was a complete bargain!

Check your local OPI supplying salons, for sure. I must say, I'm aware that I'm really lucky because I live in a small place in London's zone 3, yet there are two OPI supplying salons here. Sometimes they're good for getting older shades for a really good knockdown price, if they have been used a bit.

I discovered Absolutely Alice in one of the salons just the other day, and that's pretty tricky to get hold of in the UK now, unless you resort to Ebay.... Hmm.

So yeah: Check your salons, girls! :)

Anyways, enough of my rambling, and back to BADWY.

OPI Be A Dahlia, Won't You (in shade)

I really do like this polish. It does apply fairly sheer, so I used three coats for my nails, which I've still got on now.

This polish is REALLY close to being a foil finish, the pictures soooo don't do it justice, it really glows. BADWY is super micro shimmery. It's a cool toned pink, definitely a bluish fuchsia shade.

I love this one!


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