Wednesday, 27 July 2011

OPI An Affair In Red Square

Well, this is a polish I picked up just this last week after quite a while wanting it- (yay!)

It's a beautiful cherry red metallic shimmer that applied perfectly by the third coat. It's a slightly lighter red than the OPI favourite, I'm Not Really A Waitress, which I also have in my collection, and in my opinion, AAIRS is more of a true red. INRAW is a touch darker, and also seems much more of a pinkier red to me.

I picked INRAW up very recently as well, and still haven't had it on as a mani yet, so I'm only going on the look of the single nail board swatch that I did.

Obviously it's 'summer' in London at the moment- (I say 'summer' because it's pretty much grey and gloomy and not so warm all the darn time!)- but I still wanted to mani this colour cos I was really happy to get it.

I'm still sporting a teeny touch left of my tan from Washington DC which I visited last month (hello brill nail polish haul!) so my skintone is not as pale as usual.

I have typical English skin, pretty pale, NW15/20, and I actually can't wait to wear AAIRS this coming Winter because I go pretty darn pale in the Winter months and I think the cherry red/ultra pale skin look will be pretty contrasty and interesting.

Dita style, perhaps... :)

Manicure in the image above is AAIRS- and a layering sample which I painted last night!
....More to come on that front.... Stay tuned!


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  2. Thankyou! Literally just started it today! Job done, yours is great too! :)

  3. This is such a pretty red, reminds me of Christmas.

  4. I know, it is pretty festive! I'm using it at a pretty odd time of year :) It's a beautiful shade. :)