Sunday, 31 July 2011

OPI The Show Must Go On


Last night I did OPI The Show Must Go On as mani. I only bought this shade really recently from one of my local nail shops. It was part of the Burlesque minis set.

I must say, when that collection came out late last year, I only ended up picking up two of the glitters- Show It And Glow It, and Bring On The Bling. I think it was their glittery fabulousness that caught my eye, and so much so that I hardly even gave a second glance to their foily counterparts in the Burlesque Collection. I was blinded by Cupid's arrow! :)

Well. Let's just put it this way- I'm so glad that I picked up this Mini set so I could FINALLY try the other shades.

My favourite from the Mini collection, although I'm a HUGE fan of glittery reds, is not Ali's Big Break, but this: The Show Must Go On. Probably the only reason why Ali's Big Break is not my favourite, even though it looks utterly gorgeous, is because my favourite ever glittery red is China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, which I completely ADORE. If you don't have that one in your stash, RUN, don't walk, to pick it up, I'm serious!

Anyway, back to TSMGO.

This is TSMGO in direct sunlight (honestly, I'm not lying, it is SUNNY in London today!) :)

...I love it! How beautiful is this Cerise pink foil finish!?

...But... TSMGO has a secret!

...Errrmmm.... How beautiful is this golden orange/copper colour!? (a different angle in sunlight)

...Yes people, TSMGO is strangely duochromey, flashing hues of fuschia, cerise, copper, orange and even a bit of red, as seen here:

Reddish hue coming out on TSMGO, image taken with direct flash

...It all combines to make a very interesting polish. It's pretty cool when your nails look cerise on the outsides and golden orange towards the centre. Hmm, good stuff.

The application was alright, the first went on a bit streaky and thin. The glitter really shows up in coat one. By the second, it was getting a lot better, and by coat three, my final coat, I couldn't stop twirling my nails in the light! It absolutely GLOWS!

The duochrome is very interesting. It's not as duochromey as Orly's Space Cadet or anything like that... I'd say it was, at least for me and from what I can remember, on a par with OPI Ink- that one is great too, ranging from violet purple to navy.

What do you guys think?


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  1. HI! if you love duochrome, try "not like the movies", kate perry collection ;)