Thursday, 28 July 2011

NOTD: OPI Absolutely Alice and Last Friday Night

Hey guys!

So today, I have a pretty special mani to show you! I did it this morning, and it's the No. 2 layered mani on my list, which you can see if you scroll further down :)

...So yeah, I actually cannot stop staring at my nails, they're so gorgeous! I'm generally not a massive fan of blue nails in general, but in this case, I'm sure gonna make an exception! They're incredible... My sister said they're kind of Mermaid-ish... For me, that's no bad thing...!

So yeah, a picture:

It's good, no!?

So about how I got here....

2x Nail Envy
2x Orly Matte Vinyl
2x Absolutely Alice
2x Last Friday Night
2x Seche Vite (for a  smooth finish over the glitter)

....Wowza, that's TEN layers of polish! I don't think I'll ever get it off!

Absolutely Alice and Last Friday Night OPI Mani

I always put two coats of Nail Envy on as my base, I find that stuff great. On the subject of that, I tried a bottle of Nail Maintenance one time, and I found that it made quite a few of my nails break at the side, it must have made them brittle. NOT good, so since then, I just stick to the Original formula.

I needed two coats of Matte Vinyl as the first was pretty streaky and if I'd kept it at one, I thought there would probably be bald patches showing.

With regards to the glitter, I'd really say just apply how much you'd like. I'm sure one coat each of AA and LFN would be completely sufficient, as their coverage is good anyways.

And for the top, I nearly left it at one coat of Seche, and you could, that would be fine, but as I like the polish to feel smooth, I put two thick coats on to achieve that.

It was worth the 10 coats for this mani!
...Ask me again when I come to take it off, though... I ain't looking forward to that! :)

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