Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hmm, tasty recipes! :)

My Top 5 favourite nail layering efforts from the nail wheels I painted up are as follows...

Hannah's Top 5 Layering Recipes:

1- OPI Black Cherry Chutney (base) x2
    China Glaze Ruby Pumps (top) x1

(I am SO obsessed with China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, I ADORE it!)

2- OPI Absolutely Alice (base) x2
    OPI Last Friday Night (top) x1

3- Orly Matte Vinyl (base) x2
    OPI Last Friday Night (top) x1

4- Orly Dazzle (base) x2
    OPI DS Original (top) x1

5- OPI DS Mystery (base) x2
    OPI DS Original (top) x1

(Hello, Original MPJ!!)

6- OPI Princesses Rule! (base) x2
    OPI Teenage Dream (top) x1

(Uber girly sparkly perfection)

7- OPI Absolutely Alice (base) x2
    OPI DS Original (top) x1

    (Lavender/Cornflower blue sparkly hololiciousness! Utterly incredible combo!)

8- OPI Have You Seen My Limo? (base) x2
    China Glaze Fairy Dust (top) x1

9- OPI Teenage Dream (base) x2
    OPI Last Friday Night (top) x1

10- Orly Matte Vinyl (base) x2
      Nubar 2010 (top) x1

Which one should I swatch first!? 

Votes please! :) 

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