Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Midas touch, courtesy of The Ritz!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been inactive with my posting over the course of the weekend. It was extremely busy, I assisted a Photo shoot and attended a Wedding among everything else going on, like shopping, cleaning and packing for my holiday!

Also, my nails are short now, (boooo!) because I broke one one the weekend! They all had to go after that, as I *hate* having nails all different lengths! :)

Anyways... I'm now down in Monaco (in the sun and just by the beach!), but still hope to do lots of posting on here- yay for broadband!

Ok, so after I got down here last night, I thought- how perfect, Monte-Carlo style, would doing a mani with The Ritz be? It seemed a fitting time to swatch it!

As I mentioned in a previous post, The Ritz is by Orly and it is EXCLUSIVE to The Ritz. I had to go up to their 7th floor salon to get my bottle... Which was worth the effort- that is a stunning hotel!

Orly The Ritz

How stunning is this polish!? It's only a two coater as well so hopefully the bottle will last for a while. I like Orly's bottles, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

So- about the polish! The finish of the polish is a foil, it's very sparkly, it just looks absolutely magnificent in the sun, which luckily for my swatching there's plenty of down here!

No need to describe the shade of gold in detail- I'll give you this: as if you just dipped your nails into 24ct Gold! -It's absolutely wonderful stuff. I've never seen a gold as rich as this before.

Seriously, take my advice and grab a bottle while they're still going!


  1. Can I ask how much you paid for this?
    Thanks :)

  2. Hey... It was £11.95.... and, I'd say, worth it! :) xx