Friday, 12 August 2011

Sephora Nail Products :)


I went to Nice (France) yesterday with my shopping buddy for the day, my Mum, and among other shops, we popped into Sephora.

I didn't buy any of the polishes in there, I prefer the bigger brands like OPI, Orly, China Glaze, etc. as I think their colours are much more unique a lot of the time, but for a quick hit, the Sephora colours are alright, and the colour range is pretty good.

 Sephora colour selection. (Sorry the image quality's not the best, I shot this on my iphone!)

Sephora Europe doesn't have Sephora by OPI like it does in the US, which I personally way prefer, but its normal range is fairly good. Here are some colours from their Summer collection:

Summer at Sephora! As you can see, the colours are all €4.90 per piece, and to be honest, I think this is pretty expensive for how much you get. The bottles are cute, but they're pretty small.

Sephora also does a range of 'Nail Patch Art,' their answer to Minx...

Here is the shot of all the different options:

Nail Patch Art, by Sephora

-Have you tried these out, or any from another brand, such as the original, Minx, or Nails Inc or any other? I never have, but I'm very curious, and would definitely sample one and review it on here.

If you have any tips or recommendations, let me know, gals!


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