Friday, 23 September 2011

China Glaze CG In The City

CG In The city from- yep, no prizes for guessing here- China Glaze is a lacquer from their new Metro Collection. It's a complete sparkle fest, and has lavender, gold, silver and black glitter particles in a clear base. The sparkles in this polish are very small, so it looks very saturated with glitter.

Overall, looking at the bottle, it looks like a lavender/pewter colour... And the sparkliness is blinding!

I think this shade is really nice, but if I had one thing to say about it, I wish that the base holding it together was not clear- a grey shade perhaps would have made this one a bit easier to wear alone.

As it stands, it's probably best to use this one as a topcoat. It's still gonna be buildable of course, but you'll have more of a base. Some people using this polish may not mind that you'd probably have to use about seven coats to make it completely opaque, but I really don't have the patience to do a Mani like that.

Therefore, I decided to layer this polish over China Glaze's Street Chic, also from their Metro Collection. I felt these two lacquers would go quite nicely together, especially as they're from the same collection and season.

Application with CG In The City was good. No problems there! I used one thickish coat over my base.

Here is CG In The City over a Street Chic base Mani:

China Glaze CG In The City view I

CG In The City view II

CG In The City view III

Ooooh! Sophisticated and elegant yet blingy- I like this combo a lot.

Could you get away with wearing this Mani to work?


*China Glaze CG In The City was provided to me for reviewing purposes. I was not paid to review this polish or to say great things about it. All opinions, good or bad, are my own*

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