Thursday, 15 September 2011

Leopard Print Nail Art!

Hi guys and gals!

Last week, as I said on my previous post here, I did some pretty cool Nail Art! I don't actually do Nail Art very often at all, in fact, very seldom... (I should do more, right!?)... But yeah, last week I was looking at some videos on YouTube for leopard print nails and decided to do some of my own.

For this mani, I used Orly Dazzle- (one thickish coat as a base) and OPI's incredible Crown Me Already! (one/two coats, I used two) for my silver leopard base.
For the leopard spots I just dotted a thick blob of Orly's Bubbly Bombshell, and after those dried, I outlined to turn them into leopard nails!

Here are the results:

My OPI and Orly Leopard print nail art!

What do you guys think? Should I do more Nail Art?

Leopard Nails...again!

I had a practise with a nail wheel too, and came up with loads of different colour combinations! Here it is:

Leopard Print practise nail wheel

What do you guys reckon? Try it, it's sooooo easy!


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  1. Leopard print is my all time favorite design because it looks awesome no matter what why you do it and it is super easy. Love all of you combinations! Yes, try more nail art it is fun!