Friday, 16 September 2011

Nail Philia: A Nail Art Exhibition!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went up to London for the afternoon, and one of my To Do's for the day was go to a Nail Art Exhibition in Cambridge Heath (Near Hackney/Bethnal Green).

I first learned of this exhibition a few days ago on the Daily Mail's website, and immediately I knew that I'd have to go along and do a report for my lovely London-Lacquer readers- It looked incredible, and so innovative! According to the Press Release I picked up on-site, this exhibition is the first ever covering Nail Art in London! (Well, better late than never, right!?)

 The exhibition space... collaborated with London's best Nail technicians and big names in the Fashion world for this exhibition, which coincides with the dates of London Fashion Week 2011.

The incredible Nails showcased in the exhibition are by established Nail techs such as Marian Newman, Sophy Robson, Sam Biddle, Mike Pocock, Megumi Mizuno, Anthony Buckley, Jenny Longworth and Sue Marsh.
Google any of their names to find very inspiring websites and blogs!

Anyways, enough of that, about the exhibition now... It's incredible, I LOVED it! I mean, of course I would, but seriously people, if you're into Nails or Nail Art or even Art and live in London, go along to this exhibition. It's a brilliant fusion of Nails and Art, there are some stunning designs showcased there.

Some images for you now:

Beyonce's nails from her 'Run the World' video- Wooo! Here's a screen grab, courtesy of YouTube, to prove it!

Wow! :)

All Images taken on my iphone- Sorry if the quality's not brilliant...!

...Well, these images just speak for themselves, I think, really. 'Nuff said! :)

The exhibition runs until September 26th, and is on between 12 and 6pm daily at 12A Vyner Street, London E2 9DG, nearest station Cambridge Heath.

Check it out, you will not regret it! Incredible.


  1. That looks amazing! Shame I can't get down to London to see it in person :-(

  2. Thanks Vicky! Yeah, it was amazing. Hopefully these pics gave you a bit of a feel of it! :)

  3. @ Nail Files- I knowwww! Pretty incredible, aren't they.... Well, just give us time.... :)