Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ultimate Grand Supreme: Franken inspired by Toddlers and Tiaras


I some something very special and unique to show you guys right now...

Yesterday I made my first ever Frankens!

The one I'm posting now is my favourite, which I've named 'Ultimate Grand Supreme' as a kind of ode to the American show Toddlers and Tiaras! I've seen clips from the show a few times, and while I'm not exactly sure what on earth I think about its morality and all that, some of the outfits the girls wear in that show are very cute.

This nail polish was kind of inspired by the girls' glitzy dresses and the sashes and crowns they win....

My answer to OPI's Miss Universe collection, haha! OPI should definitely do a Toddlers and Tiaras collection... Or I'll do one instead!

....Anyways, your Ultimate Grand Supreme is:

Sorry my pictures are pretty terrible! Today's really cloudy in London, so no sun pics here, unfortunately. Still, I think the glitteryness of this polish is dazzling enough even without the sun!

This polish is a combination of five different glitters and a few drops of colour in the base. I really like the base colour, it's a lovely pale fuchsia/magenta pink shade with a jelly finish, which is saturated on the nail in two coats. I used a lot of Seche Vite to smooth out this Franken, but it's good and smooth now.

The only problem with using the two thick coats of Seche was the crazy shrinkage, which was pretty bad with this polish, annoyingly enough. I love love loveeee Seche in general, but it does grate on me sometimes!

All in all though, I absolutely love this Toddlers and Tiaras inspired Franken!

What do you guys think about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

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